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NOTICE:  Filcro Personnel ceased operations in June of 2019.  We wish to thank those we have served since 1985.   We hope the friends we have made over the 35 years, will stay in touch and say hello, to let us know how your families are doing.

To all we have known and served, THANK YOU.


Filcro Legal Staffing is one of New York City's leading legal employment agencies specializing in the identification of legal support and legal administrative staff. Our clients include law firms and corporations who require our recruitment expertise and noted experience in identifying skilled legal employees.

Legal Employment Agencies in New York City Filcro Legal StaffingLaw firms and legal candidates who enjoy our services experience the lowest employee turnover rate in the legal industry. We offer stability and continuity to law firms who seek out our firm based on a reputation of integrity, efficacy and professionalism.

The firm adheres to standardized human resource practices in the identification, recruitment, screening and retention of legal professionals across all legal support functions required to maintain a regional, national or multinational law firm.

Legal employment agencies like Filcro Legal Staffing that specialize in New York legal employment intimately understand the New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island legal markets. As an added value to our clients our legal employment agencies offer the following:

  • Extensive legal organizational and development charting of New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago and San Francisco law firms
  • Law firm salary differentials from a practice and New York City geographic perspective.  Filcro Legal Staffing recruits and relocates legal support professionals in and out of the New York market.
  • Cost of living statistics to make legal employee transitions successful in and out of New York City
  • Ownership of multiple legal employment agencies and interactive legal brands for attraction
  • An understanding of defined and non-defined benefit plans as they relate to overall compensation for attraction
  • Knowledge of law firm cultures in the regions serviced and the hiring standards of each corresponding law firm through 25 years of legal recruitment experience 
  • Clients enjoy the resources of a national legal recruitment firm with proven efficacy across multiple business verticals and legal practice groups.
  • Since 1985 the firm has a reputation of being a legal employment agency in New York City with integrity that currently employed legal personnel will register with.

The recruitment advantages offered by Filcro legal employment agencies are important to New York area law firms and corporate business affairs environments. Filcro Legal Staffing makes proper matches for the employee and the employer.

Legal Employment Agencies in New York CityLegal Secretaries - Paralegals - Word ProcessingRecords - Billing - Law Clerks - Marketing - Legal Librarians - Secretarial Supervisors - Accounting - MIS / IT - Human Resources - Receptionists - Practice Assistants - Duplication  EDGAR - Facilities / Continuity - Proofreaders - Litigation Support - More

When defining what makes Filcro legal employment agencies special it is the consistency of service, the people who represent the firm and a commitment to legal recruitment excellence.

Through the identification, recruitment, qualification and verification of each candidate we maintain the integrity of our clients and the legal candidates we represent. Our clients are the law firms and respected corporate legal community that has made New York City the global epicenter of the legal profession. Since 1985 we have served this legal community on a daily basis as one of the leading legal employment agencies in New York City. Legal Jobs in Washington, DC - New York & Palo Alto

From all of us at thank you for visiting with us and we look forward to serving you as a respected Filcro Legal Staffing company..

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