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Filcro Legal Staffing welcomes all inquiries about our legal recruitment practices, specialized legal staffing resources and the commercial obligations associated with utilizing Filcro Legal Staffing’s Employment Agencies in New York City, Washington, DC or Palo Alto, CA 

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Mary Suneetha
Managing Partner
Filcro Legal Staffing
295 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10175

212-599-0909 ext 212
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Client Based Legal Recruitment Solutions and employee screening are provided to make Filcro Legal Staffing a reliable partner and professional extension of a law firm’s internal recruitment resources.

Filcro Legal Staffing has a diverse roster of legal clients to include regional, national and multinational law firms and Fortune 50-500 corporations.  Law firms require the utmost care in identifying the proper legal employees and our methods have proven efficacy. The firm’s New York, Washington DC and Palo Alto, CA recruitment resources work together seamlessly to bring searches to fruition expeditiously.

A Law Firm’s Corporate Culture is a Vital Determinant. A candidate's skills, experience, communicative capacity and work product combined with their professional aspirations must coincide with a law firm’s culture.  Filcro is a “Client Based” recruitment organization and we customize the recruitment and screening process to assure longevity.  The firm’s relationships with large multinational law firms are based on a quality of service and reliability that has been consistent since 1985.

A law firm’s corporate culture is an important determinant in the candidate assessment process. The skills, work experience and ability to function with the desired level of autonomy are all important factors but the employee must also be a match for the specific law firm. At Filcro Legal Staffing we strive to obtain an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs from a soft and hard skill perspective. Candidates with exceptional skills and solid work histories may appear qualified on paper but determining their fit for any firm’s unique culture is an important dynamic to properly screen candidates who will perform well and assimilate appropriately to express longevity.

Filcro Legal Staffing is one of New York City's, Washington, DC’s and Silicon Valley’s leading legal employment agencies specializing in the identification of legal personnel.  Our commitment to our clients is unwavering.  The honed resources and practices utilized in the identification, recruitment, assessment, screening, attraction and verification process are consistent and transparent.  The law firms who utilize our services, appreciate consistent normalization.

Client Watch Lists

Litigation and transactional interests can facilitate conflicts for the law firm and candidate. Filcro Media Staffing can function confidentially to avoid these issues at the onset of each recruitment assignment or as a standard practice.  At a law firm’s request we can target specific environments and avoid those specified to expedite recruitment.

Client Cadence for Seasonal Hiring and Training

Legal Employment Agencies in New York City iwant to hire a legal secretary
Many of our clients have seasonal hiring and subsequent training regiments for new  employees. Filcro Legal Staffing organizes numerous programs for the seasonal identification, recruitment, screening and hiring of legal employees to accommodate each client’s desired cadence and hiring practices. 

Staff Training and Standards

Filcro Legal Staffing, Law Firm People and Legal Employment Agencies are branded legal recruitment resources to assure identification of a broad spectrum of legal professionals and legal support staff.  Every legal recruiter on staff participates in in-depth training and mentoring from highly skilled human resource professionals with a minimum of fifteen-years of legal recruitment experience.  The same programs instituted in our retained Media, Legal and Financial Groups are enjoyed by all our legal employment agency clients.  Contingency legal recruiters are mentored by retained executive recruiters to assure that a greater level of understanding and efficacy takes place from the beginning to the end of the recruitment process.

Who Does Filcro Legal Staffing Recruit?

From your firm’s mailroom to your boardroom in New York, San Francisco or Washington, DC, Filcro Legal Staffing recruits legal employees to support or lead a regional, national or multinational law firm. Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, Billing, Records, Law Clerks, Practice Assistants, Marketing, Facilities, Litigation Support, Accounting, IT / Systems, Administrators, Supervisors, Word Processors, New Business Development, Corporate Communications, Alumni Programs, Duplication, Mail Room, Transportation, Reception and even Conference staff are all recruited with same care and respect for the complete recruitment cycle.

When contacting Filcro Legal Staffing a Vice President, Director or Manager of legal recruitment will make the hiring process a positive one for you and your firm.

From all of us at Filcro Legal Staffing and Filcro Legal Employment Agencies, Thank you for visiting with us.

EEO Employer and Recruiter

Filcro Legal Staffing recruits for equal opportunity employers. Our clients recruit, employ, train, compensate and promote for their law firms regardless of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status and we comply with all federal and state laws and hiring practices.

Mary Suneetha
Managing Director
Filcro Legal Staffing
295 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10017

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