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Cathy Lou Johnson - Dallas, TX

I came to New York looking for legal employment agencies that could offer me a number of choices that made sense for me and my family. I needed a job in a substantial law firm that could allow me the time I needed as a single mom to take care of my daughter until I could get her enrolled in school. Benefits were very important to me.

Getting a new apartment, finding a school for my daughter and securing a job to cover my expenses seemed overwhelming until I found Filcro Legal Staffing.

Filcro Legal Staffing coordinated four interviews for me the first week I was in new York and I received two job offers. They also gave me information that avoided me having to pay a fee for my new apartment and allowed me to use their offices and computers in between my interviews to get my needed references for my lease and moving. My time was respected and they listened to what I wanted and made it happen.

Not only did Filcro Legal Staffing get me a great new job and help with an apartment, I now have real friends in New York City who showed me a great deal of hospitality and friendliness. To me they are one of the best legal employment agencies in New York or Texas.

Joanna Gino - Queens, NY

A good friend of mine who works at a major law firm had gotten her job through Filcro legal Staffing last year and recommended I register with Filcro after having no luck looking on my own or with other New York legal employment agencies.

The first thing I noticed at Filcro Legal Staffing was the way I was greeted and how beautiful their offices were. I was served coffee while filling out my application and everyone was relaxed and very professional. I had been to other legal employment agencies and they could not compare to the environment and the way I was treated. Even the tests were administered so professionally that I felt like I was at a law firm.

I worked for a busy partner and two associates in my last job and I wanted to work for just one partner based on my years of experience and move up to a better firm with better pay, bonus and benefits. I felt like I paid my dues and it was time for a promotion.

Filcro Legal Staffing made everything possible and in such a nice way. Thank you, Joanna

Monishia McQueen - Bronx, NY

I grew up in New York City and I was lucky to find Filcro Legal Staffing after my old law firm closed their offices and moved to New Jersey. I was offered a job with my old firm but the commute would have been too much and I enjoy working and living in New York City. I have friends and family that I would have lost touch with if I went to New Jersey.

As a litigation legal secretary I had so many choices through Filcro Legal Staffing in my salary range that I was able to pick the firm that worked best for me. Now I’m back in the Grand Central area I like and I have a great commute. It’s who you know! Thank you Filcro I’ll send all my friends to you.

Lori O’Conner - Jersey City, NJ

My previous employer was a large national law firm located Downtown Manhattan and they moved to Rockefeller Center. I didn't want a longer commute so I answered an ad that Filcro Legal Staffing had run in The New York Times for a Downtown firm that was offering a better salary as a floater than I was receiving before. They made everything easy and and the responsibilities were represented honestly. Going to their office was different than any of the other legal employment agencies I’ve been to and I highly recommend them based on their honesty and integrity. Lori

John Myers - Manhattan, NY

Filcro Legal Staffing is one of the best legal employment agencies I’ve ever been to. As a male executive legal secretary I’ve run across a lot of resistance and preconceived ideas from people about who I should be and the type of jobs I should accept. Filcro Legal Staffing was open minded and more important respected my wishes.

Filcro Legal Staffing was the most refreshing experience I’ve had since working in New York City law firms. They gave me access to a very responsible job, working for a large international law firm, for a senior partner. This was the type of job I could not have gotten on my own and I’m very grateful.

If you're a legal secretary or a practice assistant in New York City you have to go to Filcro Legal Staffing. They have the best cappuccino and as they say it’s “Who you know” in New York City.

Greta Heinz - Brooklyn, NY

Filcro Legal Staffing is the most professional employment agency that specializes in legal staffing that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. My old firm used them exclusively for our word processing center and we all got to know the firm over many years of them sending us qualified center people with advanced PC and word processing skills.

I obtained my most recent job as a word processing supervisor though them in an international law firm that has changed my life and that of my son. Thank you Filcro for the Christmas cheer I needed when other legal agencies were tuning me away. I will never forget the kindness and sincere manner in which they worked with me. Greta.

Megan McDonald - Westchester, NY

I worked as a legal secretary for six years and wanted growth beyond what the current firm I was with could offer. I met with Filcro Legal Staffing and they talked to me about becoming a practice assistant. I had never thought of this and my current firm did not offer such a promotion.

Not only did I get a new job as a practice assistant; I received a substantial raise and am now only a few blocks from Grand Central Station. My commute was cut by 30 minutes each way. I can’t thank the firm enough. They made finding a new legal job in New York City a joy. All my best to all my friends at Filcro Legal Staffing.

David Goldstein - Manhattan, NY

As an intellectual property paralegal I worked in a highly specialized area. My old firm merged with a Chicago law firm and they moved the entire patent & trademark practice to Chicago.

I was in need of legal employment agencies that could give me access to other large law firms that had trademark areas related to the fashion and entertainment experience I’d built up over the years.

Filcro Legal Staffing was very sympathetic to what I was going through and they spent the time to understand my needs and where I wanted to concentrate my experience. They never pressured me or tried to get me to do something else; they really care.

It took five weeks to get me a new job but it was exactly what I wanted and needed for the next step in my legal career. There should be no doubt that what Filcro Legal Staffing did for me was very special.

If you're seeking a legal employment agency that thinks of proper matches and treats you with respect Filcro Legal Staffing is highly recommend. David

Mimi Santiago - Philadelphia, PA

For one year I commuted from Pennsylvania to Westchester and finally I took the time to look in New York City. I had no idea what the salaries, bonuses and benefits were working for a New York City law firm. A girl I commute with on the bus told me about a legal employment agency that was helping her and I stuffed the name and number in my purse. My law firm was now asking me to work extra overtime and I loved the extra money but I was getting home at 10:00 or 10:30 three times a week.  Having to drive my car from the station to the house took another fifteen to twenty minutes based on the weather.  It was jut too much.

Finally I called Filcro Legal Staffing and I was pleased to find people who care and are so knowledgeable of the New York City legal market. I received a substantial raise and my new firm paid for a private car home to PA every evening I worked overtime, until I found my new apartment in Queens.  Now I welcome the overtime.  Filcro Legal Staffing is the best legal employment agency I have ever worked with. They were honest about the jobs, salaries, the way the firm treats people and I never felt pressured to do anything but make a decision that made me happy. I would recommend Filcro Legal Staffing as a top legal employment agency.  Mimi

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